Thrift shop shopping list.

I visited my local ‘NANSA’  charity thrift shop saturday.  Amongst the items I bought was a hardback notebook with ‘Shopping List’ sheets inside.  I thought it would make a nice little doodle pad for my nephew.  When I got it home I leafed quickly through the pages, just to be sure there was nothing adult written within it.  Imagine my surprise to find a full note on the final sheet.  It read as follows:



I hope we have not

fell out.  It has been

very bad for us the last

few days we have had

a lot of worry we

do not know weather we

are on our head or feet

I did not kwo what

to say to you I thought

it was best sara

got in touch.  Sorry if

I was wrong.”


I have copied the note exactly as it appears, spelling and grammatical errors and all.  A couple of phrases suggest a local Norfolk, England accent, and it feels like a woman’s handwriting  –  hell, it’s clearly talking about deep feelings, and I don’t know many men who write notes about such things.


I’m left wondering whether Paula and the author are speaking, and friends again.  I do hope the  ‘Shopping List’  note was just a first draft, and that Paula received the final copy as a written letter, email or text.  It’s interesting to me how this brief window onto somebody else’s life left me concerned for both Paula and the author; left me hoping that they’d resolved whatever the situation was, or that things had at least turned out for the best.


Funny how a stranger’s note, that has absolutely nothing to do with me, could leave me concerned and wishing for the best.  My reaction has taught me a little about myself, and perhaps about the human condition that afflicts those of us who are not emotionally blind or psychotic.

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