Who do you write for?

I posted this comment in response to the same title question at Damyanti’s excellent blog http://damyantiwrites.wordpress.com/

“I’m not really a writer, but I have had the odd feature and article published in a local magazine.  I have written a couple of technical manuals too. 

I generally write for fun, because I enjoy it.  Sometimes that writing can be confusing and even a little alarming, but I get it if nobody else does. 

I have a very persistent and loud internal monologue that sometimes takes on a character of its own and comes up with all sorts of ideas.  Those can be some of the most interesting and amusing things that I put to paper, and later finish out properly on a keyboard.”

I could/should have added that I write a lot of  ‘advice’  pieces, for fun and for friends.  It’s often the researching of the subject, and the planning of the piece that’s the most fun for me  –  all done on paper in longhand.  Typing it up on my laptop is a satisfying conclusion to that.

So . . who do you write for?

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