“Do you see me?”   (My words, thought not spoken.)

She comes into view, displaying the natural fluid grace of the young. She can barely be of age. Dressed in her snug, light-brown fur coat. Her body slim but fit and, to my eyes, perfect. And she’s pretty, pretty as a picture, with the sun’s early rays bathing her face.

I wait nervously at the railway line. Sure I had hoped to see something special this morning, but the vision approaching along the footpath below me is unexpected and exciting.   She’s alone.   All alone  .  .  and nearly within reach.   I keep perfectly still and wait patiently for her.

She slowly passes me.   I swear I could hear her heart beating if I listened closely enough.   To my amazement she unknowingly touches me as she passes.   The briefest, lightest touch.   But she touches me and I feel pure elation.   A profound connection, unlike anything I’ve felt before in my life.   She touches me more closely than is physically possible.

I turn slowly, carefully and quietly.   Wishing to remain unremarkable, unnoticed.   Only to find that my eyes meet hers.   She stands not ten feet away from me.   Rock still, caught mid-stride.  Her attention focused intently on me, the world around her forgotten for an instant.

“I see you!”   (Her words, thought not spoken.)

Her eyes shine bright with curiosity, surprise and a hint of fear.

“I see you!”   (Her unspoken words once more.)

And, with a flick of her bushy tail, she turns and bolts.   The magic of the moment finally broken.   Her four legs blurring in motion as they carry her away from me.


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